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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Death Certificates for Aborted Babies - Finally! Now enforce "Abuse of Corpse" laws and we'll be getting somewhere...

RE: Tennessee Bill Would Require Death Certificates for Aborted Fetuses
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's about time.

I've long wondered why doctors who perform abortions are not required to submit death certificates for the dead babies. Shouldn't autopsies and exams be required to determine whether the baby was indeed deformed/imperfect/ill, especially if that was the reason that the baby's mother "chose" to kill him?

Also, shouldn't the death certificate show cause of death as "homicide"? If not, what WOULD be appropriate to list as the cause of death?

While we're at it, let's require that abortionists follow "Abuse of Corpse" laws as follows:

a) follow guidelines for handling of the dead body of the aborted baby as they would for any human remains. The disposal of the body must be either by cremation, burial or other dignified means, as opposed to being thrown in and mixed with the ripped apart and mangled body parts of hundreds of other aborted babies, then thrown into a dumpster labeled "medical waste". The mother killing her baby should have to also pay for the cost of this dignified disposal, in addition to the fee she must pay for the abortionist's "medical abortion services".

b) before the abortion, obtain a signed release from the baby's mother giving the abortionist permission to harvest the dead baby's organs and other body parts to DONATE to science. I though that profiting financially from the SALE of the body parts of another human being was illegal in this country?

In these ways, little by little, the Pro-Life Movement will win. It's only a matter of time. Soon, the Supreme Court will no longer be able to look the other way from their duty to protect the most defenseless of all American citizens.

"Constant dripping hollows out a stone."

- Lucretius

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