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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Regret does not mean dwelling on tragedy

Many women AND men may be afraid to admit that they regret a past abortion for fear of implying that they don't love their present children or their present spouse.

Some spouses may take it this way. It's easy to see why. Had you not aborted your child, it may be unlikely that you would have met your spouse or had the children that you currently have. It's important that you gauge your spouse's personality and determine whether it is wise to express these feelings. If you do decide to go ahead and talk about this issue, it is useful to craft your words to make it perfectly clear that your feelings are not about rejecting your current family; what it IS about is examining one's life.

Make it clear that, only through the love and wonder that your loved ones have brought to your life have you discovered what a gift you rejected in the past by turning to abortion. You are grateful that God has seen fit to give you a wonderful spouse and children in spite of your past rejection of that gift.

You can regret the past and still embrace the present, if you just trust in God. Regret doesn't necessarily have to mean dwelling on tragedy...just learning from it is enough.

"An unexamined life is not worth living."
- Socrates

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