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Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Rational and Informed" vs. "Hysterical and Manipulated"

Interesting how the entire pro-abortion machine insists that a woman who chooses to kill her unborn child is a "rational, informed, and self-directed individual"; however, if she grows to regret her abortion and suffers from guilt and depression as a result, suddenly she is a "mentally unstable victim of pro-life rhetoric".

Funny how when a woman's feelings support the pro-abortion agenda, pro-aborts applaud her "strength and self-determination"; however, when her personal reality contradicts the abortion promoters, the woman is deemed a "hysterical object of pity and ignorance". Supposed "feminists" are quick to dismiss the negative feelings that a post-abortive woman experiences (although thousands of sworn affidavits have been submitted to Congress). Poor, poor creature.

It's notable how pro-aborts decry showing graphic photos of aborted fetuses, and even the offering of an ultrasound to a mother considering abortion because it might "make her feel bad". Sounds like concern for her "feminine sensibilities", doesn't it? But, don't pro-aborts say that she is a smart person who can handle the unwhitewashed medical facts? What is more truthful and objective than a picture unaccompanied by commentary?

Patients are not expected to do their own research into heart surgery, then procure a heart surgeon to perform their self-prescribed remedy. A surgeon who fails to explain a procedure's ins and outs, risks and side-effects to a patient is guilty of malpractice. An abortionist who does the same is made very, very wealthy off the back of a desperate and possibly uninformed woman. Like a crack addict, a woman comes to an abortionist whom she's never met (so much for the private relationship "between a woman and 'her' doctor"), and like a crack dealer, the abortionist "takes care" of the woman ("makes her well" so to speak) for a steep financial price. Never mind the long-term price to her psychological, emotional, and possibly physical health.

The pro-abortion machine capitalizes on a pregnant woman's desperation and deliberately-induced ignorance of the facts, then accepts her after-experience only when it suits their agenda. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that abortionists, and the legislators and judges who protect them, are interested in only one thing; making sure that a woman "chooses" (or rather is coerced into) aborting her child. Money and a sick twisted version of feminist ideology are the driving forces behind this campaign of death, and the perpetrators should be ashamed of themselves for disengenuously hiding behind "right to privacy" and "women's equality" and other made-up "rights" to accomplish their disgusting goals.

The assembly line at the butcher shop is open for business and women are lining up after being told that it is the answer to all of their problems.

So much for "safe, legal and rare".


jasper said...

Hi Pajama Mama,

I like your blog! good qotd too..


Carla said...

Good post!
So many years of rhetoric and this is where we are. Young women completely buying the lies!!